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The Uniflow Discharge Station

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Foldable, Reusable & Recyclable

Sturdy Steel.   Lightweight Plastic.   Disposable Cardboard.

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AutoFill Liners

Make filling and discharge of liquids a snap.

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7,000 gallons of pie filling to the city by morning?

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We Know Liquid Food Transport

Specialized containers up to 396 gallons.

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Unique Folding Design That Can Be Assembled Easily, By Anyone

No muscle men required. No separate pieces to misplace. Smart design makes light work of your setup process.

Autofill Liners Minimize Waste and Maximize Filling Efficiency

One simple connection and you can fill and manage almost five 55 gallon drums in half the footprint.

Discharge Options and Accessories To Help You Get Every Last Drop

Valves: Side, Bottom, 2", 3", DIN50, S60, Aseptic, Optional Sump Base, Ratchet Wringer, Bridges, Liner Retainers and more.

5 to 1 Stacking Ratio Means Lower Shipping and Storage Costs

Because bag-in-box IBCs can fold down flat and stack 12 high, they occupy very little space when idle.

Custom Manufactured Liners

We supply over 50 different types of liners in 66, 132 and 264 gallon sizes. We offer transparent material for general use, aseptic and blue liner bags for the food market, "metallic" barrier films for light and oxygen sensitive products, as well as sterile, irradiated liners.

Thicker Liquids Got You Down?

We Can Help You Work It Out!

Introducing the TPS Uniflow Discharge Station®

  • Gain Efficiency
  • Increase Yields
  • Improve Safety
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You Are Gonna Love Renting

The smart, cost-effective way to transport your high-value liquids.

No UpFront Investment

All the advantages of cost savings, product safety and reduced waste without the capital requirements.

Start Tomorrow

Ditch dirty drums and totes and start using state-of-the-art liquid transport technologies right away.

Premium Delivery & Pickup

Our fixed-price service includes delivery of containers with liners and pick-up from their final destination.

Expand on Demand

Rent just the containers you need, when you need them. Shrink or grow your fleet of active IBCs as needs change.

Zero Wasted Space

Easy to clean and store when not active. Folded flat they take up a fraction of the space they did when full.

Clean & Green

Liquid liners promote hygiene, reduce contamination risk, minimize waste and are fully recyclable.

Our Line of Rental Containers

(By the way, you can also purchase them, and even add a snazzy paint job!)
IBC Tracking Scanner

TPS Tracking makes it easy to Scan & Track Your Entire Fleet.

No one wants to lose their assets. Whether on the road or in the warehouse, we'll make sure you know where your IBCs are at all times.

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Clean. Safe. Stackable. Stainless Steel.

Practical Transport for Dangerous, Sensitive or Hazardous Liquids

Aseptic Handling for Food, Pharma & Cosmetics


Aseptic Liners and Valves

Our aseptic liners and valves let you fill, store and transfer your liquid products using our Unifold and Easifold containers.

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Stainless Steel

Aseptic Containers

These stainless steel IBCs can be steam-cleaned and kept 100% germ-free. This aseptic product line meets the highest packaging and hygiene standards for food, pharmaceuticals and sensitive substance transport.

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Transporting High Viscosity


Sump Base & Accessories

The Unifold 1000 IBC with sump base has a 165° sloping base for optimum discharge of viscous products. We also offer a Tilter and Wringer to ensure effortless and complete discharging.

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Stainless Steel

45º Slope Discharge

Our Silo and Aseptic stainless steel containers are both available with a 45° cone shaped bottom to facilitate optimal flow of the most stubbornly viscous products.

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Managing  Liquid Temperature


Heater Mat & Control Box

Our silicone rubber heater mat and electronic temperature control box is designed to fit under our liners and to carefully monitor and maintain the optimal temperature of your liquids during storage and transport.

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Stainless Steel

Heatable Containers with Touch Control

The code protected touch panel allows you to easily monitor and control temperature settings. Triple temperature monitor and double thermal fuse guarantee the safety and protection of your sensitive liquids.

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